Tuesday, 8 November 2016

About Me

Malo e lelei,

My name is Dominic and I am 10 years old. I go to Ruapotaka Primary School. My teachers name is Miss Misela. My mums name is Fehi and she is Tongan. My dad is Holi and he is Tongan too.
My favourite sport is rugby union. I play for Carlton green. I am the hooker of the team. I am the strongest but one of the slowest on the team. Next year I will be stronger and faster.

I love to make people happy. I love to entertain people and show love and kindness to people and that is probably why Tonga is known as the friendly islands. I really enjoy eating, I hate running around for to long.

I really enjoy Ruapotaka school and there are really talented kids.

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  1. Hello Dominic,
    I really enjoyed reading about the thing you enjoy and learning abut your personality. I think you have one of the most kindest person I've ever meet! Can't wait to read the next blog post!


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