Friday, 24 February 2017


The past few weeks we have been going swimming.Swimming is a very important part of your life and  learning.swimming helps you swim in challenges like the Olympics and it helps your future.We got new instructors and their names are Anthony,Tara and Rachel.Today Tara did not come   so Anthony came.We learnt a lot of swimming technique.

Friday, 17 February 2017

All about me part 2

Malo e lelei

My name is Dominic, and I am back  again. I am now a year six in room 10. I first felt so scared the first time I stepped in this class. I felt like another atmosphere was here. OK lets go back to the subject. My favourite sport is rugby. I play rugby in Cornwall park next to one tree hill. My team name is Carlton green. I play forward hooker and I love to run, jump and sleep every day. My favourite subject is history and maths, The reason why I love history is because I want to be an archaeologist and find lost things. My favourite thing to do is to research things like animals, dinosaurs and many other things. I am a Tongan christian who love to eat. I came to New Zealand about six years ago. My mum said the reason why I came to New Zealand was to learn the English language. I love coming to school and I love to eat at school. My best friend is Peni, he is the best freind I know. He has been beside me when I needed him and we always laugh and play around in class. My other friends are Tristan, Brazie, Kain and last but not least Konzay. I really enjoy my new class and my new Chromebook. I still love to make people happy and I love to make people laugh. I love to be creative and make arts and craft.